International Environmental Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Health Science Course (Doctoral Course)

  • The aim of this program is (a) to develop medical professionals in the clarification and prevention of diseases caused by environmental factors, (b) to foster international communication skills through cooperative learning with international and Japanese students, and/or (c) to foster human resources who can practice and guide environmental measurement, health impact assessment, and preventive measures at the governments, local governments, international organizations, research institutions, companies, and so on.
  • With the cooperation of the entire faculties of the University Hospital and Cancer Research Institute, the Graduate School of Medical Sciences will make the program of this nature possible in English.
  • Upon acquisition of the required credits and presentation of a compilation of student’s research accomplishments in the form of a thesis deemed acceptable by the faculty, the student will be granted a Ph.D. in Medical Science, Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science, or Health Science.