Internationalization of the Graduate School of Medical Science fr Foreign Students

We have energetically promoted cooperative studies and personnel exchanges with medical research institutions across the world, accepting a large number of foreign students within the framework of our International Medical Science Course, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Young Researchers Exchange and Support Program, and so on.

To encourage foreign students to study at KU, we:

  1. Have established a scholarship program specifically for the Graduate School of Medicine.
  2. Become your rent guarantor for foreign students who live in civil sector apartments.
  3. Subsidize an amount equivalent to the general compensation insurance premium for foreign students who are paying their own way.
  4. Actively recruit them as TA or RA.
  5. Have implemented a senior tutoring system.
  6. Count participations in international academic conferences or presentations at such conferences as credits toward their completion of the curriculum.

International Course for Comprehensive Medicine

International Medical Science Course was established in order to facilitate research and educational activities and participate in student globalization. All lectures, research guidance and student counseling/advice are given in English. This course begins in October each year. In fiscal 2009, 6 state-supported foreign students, 3 self-supported foreign students and 2 Japanese students entered this program.

  • Details about Scholarship
  • Guide to Graduate School of Medical Science (Doctor Course) (for foreign students)
  • Inquiry from foreign students;Medical School Secretariat
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For foreign researchers

The Graduate School of Medical Science accepts a wide range of foreign researchers.

  • Introduction on research topics
  • Inquiry from researchers;Medical School Secretariat
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