Message from Dean

Dean Professor Osamu Hori MD. PhD.

The promotion of health and overcoming diseases are important challenges in Japan, a country in which the declining birthrate and aging population continue to be growing concerns. Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Sciences is making these challenges its top priority, nurturing our medical professionals and researchers to play active roles in the region and in the world.

Kanazawa University, located in the historical city of Kanazawa, was established as the Hikoso Vaccination Center in 1862. Since then, Kanazawa University has made significant discoveries such as Takayasu disease, the establishment of immunotherapy for cancer and the elucidation of pain neural pathways. Since 1955, Kanazawa University has made great strides in Graduate Education. In 2001, the Graduate School of Medical Science was designed to consist of four major divisions: the divisions of Neuroscience, Cancer Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, and Environmental Science. The Graduate School was restructured once again in 2012 when the Divisions of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences joined the Graduate School. Several new courses in the doctoral programs - Hokuriku Cancer Educational Program for Professional Oncologists , Educational Course for Hokuriku Dementia Professional Training Plan, and Medical Innovation Course, are also open to students. From 2016, we have opened the Graduate School of Advanced Preventive Medical Sciences , where we will work together to improve health and overcome diseases.

Students in our Graduate programs can feel both the history of our ancient city and at the same time experience some of the most advanced medical science and professional education programs in the country . I hope you will join us on this exciting journey.